Trick or Treat: Caring vs Uncaring Whores

[Note: Originally written 2018-10-31]

I’ve heard a few whore stories from local folks while out pounding the streets. Like the one about the hotel where the only flavor of hooker is Chinese. And the one about whoring co-eds who make 4 years tuition and housing during a 3 month visa stay. I mean, yeah, this may be the richest and densest sausage party on planet 3, but I was still skeptical.

I was curious, but not really planning to investigate further. That is until I had my third unintentional encounter with an on the clock whore. It was this third one that baffled me and so there was a moral imperative to get to the bottom.

It’s difficult to find girls while out and about in Qatar. If you want to find some online, they cluster in two spaces. The gamers go on Bumble and everyone else goes on Tinder. I met up with a hand full of girls from each. Just swiping through Tinder I saw one obvious working girl for every twenty or so normal looking profiles. By obvious, I mean that they insert their phone number prominently into their main profile pic or they list their occupation as "Trips with Benefits" or the like.

Ho Ho
Figure 1. Additional promotion, free of charge. You’re welcome.

When I say 1 in 20 normal profiles, I’m excluding the giant floating mass of anon profiles that include no pics of the girl but only a pic of scenery or some still life shot. Evidently Qatari chix risk ostracism for even making a Tinder profile and live in fear that a family member will find out. These faceless profiles make up almost 30% I would guess.

Now, just because 1 in 20 swipes are blatant whores, don’t think that 1 in 20 chix are. Whore profiles get deleted within a few hours usually and so they just keep making new ones. So, however many Tinder whores there are, I just kept seeing their new profiles repeatedly.

I don’t know much more about these blatants, I never plumbed their depths. They are most likely hotel girls with hustle. But one thing I know, they are at the peak of uncaring. But lets not put the cart before the whores.

The earlier mentioned three encounters of the whore kind were all from normal seeming Tinder matches. The first, a Filipina, responded to my opening message with "I charge for this. I hope you’re not offended." Which is sweet, right? She doesn’t want to offend!

A few days later, after I met up with other girls and saw some new and interesting places, I was messaging with a Tanzanian tinder match. I had messaged with her over the span of a few days to keep the lead warm while I was busy. When I finally had a free slot I pitched the meet. At that point she began a huge explanation (rationalization) about how poor, how low paying, how family back home needs money, how she’s really not that kind of girl, AT ALL…​ but because of circumstance can only meet if I’ll pay the local equivalent of 450 USD. Which I ignored for a time in preference for other warm leads.

Rock Formation
Figure 2. The first poor Tanzanian hairdresser I almost met

Another day, I invited a Nigerian over to my place. We had been out already to a shisha bar. At my place she acted in a way that seemed very strange to me. I had her make me pancakes (hadn’t bought the waffle maker yet) and then we ate and talked. All the while she rebuffed all the moves I put on her but followed up minutes later by putting moves on me. In the end she basically jumped on me on the bed and then before anything could happen she whispered that she wanted to go home. Thinking she was somehow touched in the head I called her an uber. As soon as I did she started trying to kiss me. I pushed her back to arms length and said, "I’ll walk you out."

Rock Formation
Figure 3. Ugh, Nigerian Duck Lips

I was bewildered and couldn’t figure what was up with this chick. But after sleeping on it, it occurred to me that she was whoring not dating and for some strange reason couldn’t bring herself to speak the words, and that she was trying ineptly to get me aroused / frustrated enough that I would be willing to pay and even to suggest paying so that she wouldn’t have to!

At that point I began to reflect on my experiences. I hit up the Tanzanian and asked her if she would take 225 USD. She jumped at that. I then proceeded to find out what would I get for my 225 which turned out to be a chore because she was such a pure and delicate girl (who totally isn’t like that) and doesn’t want to talk about anal and blow jobs such. I never met up with her.

Then I went to the bar at the Four Seasons hotel to see if the stories were true. I got a vodka and orange juice (because a screwdriver is totally different and costs more) and chatted up two whores.

One thing to keep in mind is that females almost never go around alone in this place. An Australian swimming instructress explained to me that if a girl dresses in a way that you can make out the shape of her body and walks around alone she will be thought to be a whore and guys are likely to stop her and ask "How much?" And further that she had experienced this herself once when she didn’t change out of her gym clothes before going home.

When I heard that story, in my mind I pictured a bunch of horny orcs doing random orc shit to this normal looking girl. But I had to rethink it after I walked into that hotel bar. There were half a dozen girls in form fitting clothes each sitting alone at a table or bar. But that’s not the thing really. The thing is what crossed my mind after a month in Qatar when I saw that sight.

The first thing I thought was, "Oh yeah, chix can wear sexy clothes." Followed closely by, "wow, so many chix alone at the same time." It wasn’t surprise, my sole purpose in going was to chat up hookers. It was more the fact of being confronted with how my perception of normal had shifted in 4 weeks. A girl walking around Qatar in gym tights and showing shoulders is a whore with the same probability as a girl standing on a corner in a US red light district approaching each car that stops. So while I have no doubt my Aussie friend was accosted by orcs, she also was totally flying the whore flag, so how could you really fault them for the assumption.

The hotel bar whores were of similar attractiveness to the tinder blatants. Which is to say, more attractive than all the other girls in the country. I first talked to one near me at the bar. She was a Czech girl. She wanted 500 USD and was unwilling to take less. Her English was difficult to understand so I moved on to another girl.

The second was Polish and spoke English well. We talked for a bit. When I asked her how come some of these girls don’t make much money she said that they all make more than they could at any other job, but only some make a lot of money. The ambitious ones do both the hotel and post ads on an unaffiliated online booking site. Reportedly they make half of their money on over nights with big spenders, for which they charge much more. Making money while they sleep, you could say.

From what I can piece together, top whores here are grossing a quarter million USD during the 3 month visa, by turning ~3+ per day and ~4+ over nights per month.

Much different are the captive whores. Only some of the hotels have freelancers on tourist visa. The others use female staff who are on work visa. They are basically pressured into service. They may be cute, sometimes, but never attractive, don’t charge nearly as much, and they don’t get to keep much of what they make. This explains the Chinese whores at that one hotel: the housekeeping staff, sourced from China, were pulling double duty.

In the end I came to the conclusion that the difference in behavior among these whores can be explained in terms of where they lie on the caring spectrum. The ambitious ones don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks and so are at the very bottom of the caring spectrum. Up the spectrum a little are the once who only care a little and don’t want to offend, but they don’t hesitate to admit what they are. On the opposite end are the ones who care so much that they can’t ask for money without the special snowflake song and dance. And at the extreme of caring, unable to even ask for the money.

MirceaPopescu - 2019-02-09 03:01:35

They are most likely hotel girls with hustle.

Very unlikely ; and if they are in fact hotel girls with hustle they’re generally worth money. Hustle is the only item in short supply these days.

My expectation’s rather they’re shitty whores with an "IT expert" bf/cuck. That old story.

But after sleeping on it, it occurred to me that she was whoring not dating

Seems reasonable. Moreover, think about it a little : dating IS whoring. What the fuck else could it be ? A highly stylisized behaviour attempting to replace normal human activity with a more socially acceptable, safer substitute ?

That’s the fuck exactly what whoring is! Just because UStarded whores whore in that particular way dun make it "a thing of its own". Hamburger’s just meatloaf sandwich, right ? It doesn’t magically become something else through insistently applying the sauce of provincial narrowness of experience. Whores here do it like this, whores there do it like that, an old woman will explain it all to you should you care to listen.

she was trying ineptly to get me aroused / frustrated enough

The disadvantage of "listen to women" as a social fashion is that if you manage to somehow get enough of the dudes to do it, the "women" will then immediately switch to the patently insane behaviour you describe.

Aside the "who could have predicted" fucktarded infantilism, this is not even surprising, because think what you will of the girls you know and like — the bulk of womanhood’s made to get that cup filled, and will. Everything else is a tool, to serve this purpose, much like everything in a living organism exists to support homeostasis and exactly naught else.

such a pure and delicate girl (who totally isn’t like that)

Now you see whence the coy behaviour.

That seeing then in turn drags in the whole spitoon : without a functional society (meaning, old women that actively and efficiently enforce the whoredom standards on the fillies) you’re left dealing with such imbecility on your own ; and from there it follows why disuseful old women must be killed. Painfully, visibly, therefore educationally. And so on, a whole raft of "unpleasant", shall we say, conclusions.

Cheaper for everyone if we just agree she’s such a pure and delicate girl, which is her play.

and guys are likely to stop her and ask "How much?"

Amusingly (at least to me), I do this all the time (tho mostly to my own girls). Cuz it’s fun, what. Try it sometime, walk up to some girl that’s waiting to meet you, look up straight in her eye and go "How much ?"

they all make more than they could at any other job

She’s leaving something out.

All of them make more money than they could at any other job they put the same amount of effort into.

That’s the rub there — and here, and everywhere. It’s not so much that life is cheap, it’s really very profoundly that dumbass she-paladin is utterly lazy, complacent and so fucking invidious she’s never ever going to get out of that rut, even with help. Any kind or manner of help short of either divine intervention or a life sentence to medieval dungeons is unlikely to suffice to budge her.

They will spend 10 hours a day gossiping among each other about "how much that fatty made from this one sucker" sometime last week, and inventing imaginary tops "of fairness" as to "how much that makes her worth", and her friends, and enemies and acquaintances. If they could make money playing fantasy football, they…​ wouldn’t be bothered to.

So no, she ain’t making those tinder profiles. She at most condescends to permit some dude [who may or may not at the same time imagine himself her bf] to imagine himself being helpful and appreciated. That much is marginally too much work already.

Reportedly they make half of their money on over nights with big spenders, for which they charge much more

That’s entirely not how it goes.

Now and again a girl gets a chance, and she generally milks it instead of taking it. They’re exactly like the super-bright 18yos that get free scholarships at prestigious Unis on the strength of their sparkling intellect, who then proceed to smoke as much as they can before getting kicked out of Duke five semesters in : from a certain pov "they made out like bandits".

It’s not even necessarily an untenable pov, as far as the banana-leaf-for-making-tamales 19yo’s life is concerned, ain’t nobody giving him thousands of dollars. In fact, whole life will go by before anything even remotely like "thousands of dollars" sums up. So — yes, when compared to preternatural poverty…​

Lotta kids who could’ve stolen the superbowl if only they played end up stealing the curtains and hotel towels in some bush league instead, you know ?

From what I can piece together, top whores here are grossing a quarter million USD during the 3 month visa, by turning ~3+ per day and ~4+ over nights per month.

Nah. I knew plenty of girls working the arabs back in the day, and the take was never that high. In inflation adjusted terms they average 80 to say maybe 120k at the very most for three to five years, especially if they start seventeen-ish (which they almost never have the sense to).

Yes, there’s also the Roxys/Grace Kellys, but they’re quite rare — specifically the girls that manage to take it instead of trying to "milk it".

the housekeeping staff, sourced from China, were pulling double duty.

Mno, actually, that is the duty. The notion that the girl turning the beds doesn’t spread wide and gladly for whatever patrons might be capable of getting it up is the stuff of USistani lala-land. Never existed nor will ever exist irl.

To bring this lengthy comment to a simple conclusion — I think you are entirely and unsalvageably wrong in your interpretation, and specifically because you center it on the misrepresentation that the females involved are possessed of agency and capable of exercising it ; yet the story of life on earth is the story of what happens to the women ; not the story of what women do. Whether they care, what they care about and how much do they care about it simply ain’t a lever in the ticking of their life away.

Mocky - 2019-02-09 16:32:13

Clearly a case of the commentary outshining the article.

I see your point. It highlights problems in my thinking that I have seen before and that have caused me problems in the past and that I have grappled with but not actually untangled.

The work is ongoing.

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