Foxybot Enhancements Part 16: Build 33 Release

Build 33

This release brings a craft bot bug fix and a change in the way crafting output is sent to storage.

Feedback is welcome, please use #eulora.


The previous build sends to storage any new piles in inventory after /takeall. This build changes that to send both new and changed piles. Changed piles are sent in full.


  • FIXED: Bot stops for lack of ingredient when ingredient is in table slot zero.


It turns out that explore bot is, prior claims not withstanding, actually a victim of its own failure. Further testing has revealed that precision movement is situational at best. The situation being that planeshift tells you one thing while the reality is often a different thing. Also the new dance moves with which I was so taken initially do not always work to reveal a hidden marker, leaving bot dancing without end. Like that song you used to like but now they play it too much on the radio.

For the these reasons, build 31 is recommended for bot exploring.

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