31 August 2018 Tagged: eulorac++

Build 30

This release adds 4 features.

Feedback is welcome, please use #eulora.

New Features This Release

  • Explore logging

    • Suggestion to start a fresh log and get the new column name, rename existing log file ~/.Eulora/logs/$name_logexploring.csv

    • There is an additional column in the log: ItemName

    • The logging will now create one log line for each type of item in a claim

    • The count of items in the log is now correct

  • The bot will now stop when a skill is maxxed and you are no longer improving.

  • LBN on the ground will be picked up by the bot if it is within reach

  • Bot is now much less likely to be confused by other craft-tables in the area

    • The full fix for this will be part of the multi-table feature

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